New web design client: ANB Insurance Services

Burnett Communications is proud to announce a new web site client: ANB Insurance Services.

Here’s a description from ANB:

“ANB is an independent insurance agency with multiple locations in Alabama, Georgia and Florida. Approximately five years ago, the insurance operation began with the purchase of Rankin Insurance in Decatur, Alabama and has expanded to 10 locations since that time. ANB has an aggressive plan to continue expansion throughout the fourteen affiliated banks with additional expansion through selected correspondent banks in the state of Alabama.”

New client: University of Alabama at Birmingham

Burnett Communications is very excited to announce our latest client in UAB.

We are working with UAB to develop a comprehensive research project involving focus groups with the Financial Affairs Department.

The aim of the research is to discover ways that UAB can improve their Financial Affairs web site to increase access to information, staff productivity and customer service.

The research is currently underway and a final report with all of the findings will be produced by project’s end.

New web design client: Successful Events Plus

Burnett Communications is proud to announce a new web design client in Successful Events Plus.

Here’s a snippet from the company’s brochure:

“Services include creating, planning, organizing, and executing the entire event or certain aspects of an event, as well as assisting in the organization and execution of an event that is in the planning stage.”

Look for the completed web site soon.